Friday, January 22, 2010

Flower Girls

This little Flower Girl will soon be making her appearance in the shop....along with a few of her friends....

It's A Baby.......Shower!

I am happy to be participating in the Winter 2010 Etsy Baby Shower. For those of you who might not know about the Etsy Baby Shower - here is the scoop! A few times a year, several Etsy shops that sell items for babies and children get together and hold a baby shower for recent Moms and Moms to Be. Each Mom receives 2 or 3 free shower gifts from participating shops. It is a lot of fun for everyone!

Although the slots for this current shower are filled - all you Moms to be out there keep it in mind for the future! Check-out the Etsy Baby Shower blog for more information and updates on upcoming events!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some fun......

My new animal prints are arriving....feels like Christmas! Yippie. I will be adding them to my shop over the next week or so.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The waiting game.....

As many of you may know, all of my prints are printed at a real print shop. One of the trade-offs of not zipping an image thru my own printer is the waiting game. After I send everything to my printer, I have to wait for the proofs to come back. Then I have to make changes to the proofs and then wait again for the final images to be printed. In the end it is worth it. The quality of the final product - the kind of paper used, the overall look and feel of the print is first rate. But in the meantime the waiting continues......

Here are a couple examples of the new prints that will be making their way into my shop over the next week or so.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Spring Cleaning - A Little Early

In order to get ready for the new prints I have coming in a few weeks, I am doing a little Spring cleaning. Over the next few weeks, I will be marking down many older prints to just $5. Check Out the New $5 Print Section at

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A sketch I have been working on...

My husband gave me my first sketch book for Christmas, so I have started sketching. Something I have never done before. When I started painting I went straight to the canvas - brush in hand. No time to plan or think. Just paint. Most of my time was spent keeping my son from flushing things down the toilet, or riding his trike down the cellar stairs or doing all the things Moms who have boys spend their days doing. Now my son is in Kindergarten and I have 6 hours a day to devote to my work. And I have found sketching. What a joy. Recently, I stumbled on these really great 1960 Vintage sewing patterns in several wonderful Etsy shops. I was totally smitten with the little girls on the cover of the pattern, with their little dresses with Peter Pan collars, white socks and mary janes. So I started to sketch. I am not quite sure what I am going to do with them or how I might incorporate them into my shop...But for now I just like drawing their happy little faces.