Friday, March 6, 2009

A New Cowboy in Town

You never know when inspiration might grab you..

This little cowpoke - the newest addition to the Animal Cracker clan - is based in part on a vintage lamp I found in a tucked-away middle of no-where antique shop in upstate NY. I was passing by in my car one day when I saw this great storefront - a beautiful old building that looked like an old bus depot. It was all decorated for the 4th of July with flags and streamers. I found the vintage lamp with the happy-faced little cowboy and blue horse for my son's room. (I love the vintage colors especially that blue) Now, the lamp - it works! - sits on his bedside table. Someday, I will try and duplicate those great colors. Maybe even take a crack at the horse too. But for now, I have added this little cowpoke to the Animal Cracker family...